Saturday, April 7, 2007

Click, click, click, click.....

So, my PS2(Playstation 2, why do I spell this out?) decided it no longer needed to work properly.

It can no longer read disks of any sort. This would be the PS2 version of stabbing yourself in  your eyes.

You see, I play FFXI on my PS2. So you might be wondering why I don't seem filled with  uncontrollable, raging anger. A simple reason for that: while my PS2 can't read disks anymore, it can still use the HDD(Hard Disk Drive; acronyms are fun!) that FFXI is installed on. So while I  am mad that I can't play any other PS2 games at the moment, my MMO addiction is not messed up beyond repair.

So, three options for me:

1) Snoop around the 3 local EBGames for an old-model PS2.

2) Order an old-model PS2 online.

3) Put out a mortgage and buy a PS3(Yeah, you don't get help on this one).

Now, some of you may wonder why I don't want a brand new PS2. Those do exist. Problem: The new PS2s don't support the HDD.

No HDD means no FFXI. That's a bad thing, mmm'kay?

Actually, I already know I'm going to get a PS2 over the interweb. Gonna do it tomorrow. For $99. Plus tax. Plus shipping.

Honestly, $99+ isn't that bad for me.

But could someone, anyone
 tell me why this thing had to crap out right after I spent $210+ on a Nintento DS, some games for it, and a disc scratch repair kit? I mean, come on!

Although, I probably should been clued in on my console's state of health by the incessant clicking noise when it was trying to read a game disc. I only thought it was old. Not broken.

Shows what I know, though.

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